Top 6 Reasons to Plan your Pool Project in the Winter

Why Planning Your Pool Project in the Middle of the Winter Actually Makes Sense!

Top 6 Reasons to Start NOW!

It’s 20 degrees outside, and there’s 6 inches of snow on the ground. Ya know what I’m thinkin’? Yeah, you too? It’s time to buy a pool! As much as you might think we’ve flipped our lid here at E-Z Test Pool Supplies, there’s actually a LOT of sense to this idea! Here are 6 VERY GOOD REASONS TO TALK TO US ABOUT A POOL:

  1. PLENTY OF TIME TO PLAN – AVOID THE RUSH!Now is a great time to come into ANY of our 3 stores and talk to us. Actually, we believe it’s ALWAYS a great time to talk pools but we think you’ll also agree that having plenty of time and undivided attention is a nice thing! There can be a lot of questions (especially if you’ve never had a pool before) – this is perfectly normal! We actually like lots of questions because it helps us figure out what you want and don’t want…and we get a chance to shine and show our expertise and that you’re in the hands of an honest, reputable, and experienced pool professional company.reason1
  2. DIVE IN EARLY ON OUR INSTALL LIST- It’s no secret that a pool planned and purchased in the winter will be installed sooner than one purchased in early May. Rest assured that no matter when you buy, your pool will be done professionally (that’s the ONLY way we do it!), but wouldn’t you rather be grilling, swimming and hosting a party in your yard Memorial Day weekend, OR waiting for your pool to be installed. Enough said – I think you get it!reason2
  3. MORE TIME TO PLAN YOUR OPTIONS – In-ground OR above ground? OR semi-in-ground? Heater OR heat pump? Variable speed energy efficient pumps? Lighting? The list goes on. Your pool is limited only by your desires and choices. Since there are a lot of choices that may be best installed when the pool goes in, it’s a great time to collect information and discuss with your family what YOU WANT.
  4. LOCK IN PRICES BEFORE ANY INCREASE – Depending upon what you decide to purchase, it’s never a bad idea to save yourself a little green buying early before demand kicks in and prices potentially rise.
  5. PLENTY OF TIME TO SCHEDULE YOUR YARD SURVEY – Although there may be some things that can only be assessed when the yard is snow-free and dry, it’s never too early to get a general feel of size, shape and pitch of your yard. You may have more than one option where you put your pool, so a little extra planning goes a LONG, LONG WAY!
  6. IT’S ALWAYS FUN TO THINK ‘SUMMER’ IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! – Sure, we’re tough New Englanders too, but we also agree that it’s more fun to think of those warm summer days relaxing in the pool. Take a little time to dream of actually enjoying your yard lush and green, instead of it being the barren wasteland you see out your kitchen window! Get the kids involved in your dream. As with any big project, it takes time to plan, so don’t wait too long. You’ll soon realize that when you begin talking about a pool with us and your family that it will probably take longer than you thought to decide on your options. And lastly, you’ll want time to get your winter body into “pool body shape”!reason6