SafeDip: a Digital Chemistry Reader for Pool & Spa Water Testing

How to test pool water easily, using a SafeDip digital chemistry reader

How to test water with Safedip, Saltdip, digital chemistry reader

Owning a pool or spa requires a certain amount of legwork and maintenance but no one said it had to be hard! There are some great new pool accessories, particularly for water testing, that will give you piece of mind and save you time and money down the road.  Two new pool items that we’d like to talk about are Digital Chemistry Readers, aka digital water testers, manufactured by Solaxx. They called the SafeDip and SaltDip and we’d like to take a minute and spotlight these cool new pool products.

Say goodbye to lousy test strips, and hello to SafeDip! Water testing and balancing your pool & spa made is simple with the SafeDip MET20 Digital chemistry reader.

Safedip is an electronic water testing device which measures several critical parameters of the water and lets you know if the water is safe for bathing.

  • Extremely user friendly & easy to use!
  • Large LCD display
  • Measures pH, ORP, Salt, TDS, Temp and calculates free chlorine
  • Can be used on many types of water including pools, spas and ponds

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 Where to buy a digital water chemistry reader? E-Z Test Pool SUpplies, Inc

Buy a SafeDip chemistry reader for Traditional Pools & Spas

Buy a SaltDip chemistry reader for Salt Water pools