Product Spotlight: Clearlight™ Infrared Saunas (Part 3 of 3)

This week’s blog closes out the third part in our series regarding information about the Clearlight™ Infrared (IR) Saunas. Especially if you are considering purchasing one of these saunas, be sure to go back and read parts 1 and 2, as there is a lot of important information which will help you to make the right decision when the time comes to buy. In this final installment we will address LED light therapy (available as a feature in some models), the real benefits that you can expect from enjoying these saunas, as well as tips and advice for best use. Some questions answered in this article are: What is Clearlight IR LED light therapy? How will the use of the infrared saunas benefit my skin, body, mood and overall health? What is he proper way to enjoy the use of infrared saunas so as to get maximum health benefits and stay safe?


LED’s, an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, are in use everywhere from lights in the dashboard of your car to common household appliances, and even to Christmas lights! They have become more common due to the fact that they draw very little power when operating, and have an extremely long lifespan, often never needing to be changed. LED lights have been used for some time by doctors and spas throughout the world as an effective way to promote health and healing in the body in a completely non-invasive manner. Clearlight IR saunas offer LED therapy on a number of models which work in three color ranges (each one having specific benefits to the user) – red, green and blue lights.

Red lights aid the body in producing collagen more than any other color. Because of the stimulation of collagen in the body, healing is accelerated, including wounds, joint and muscle pain is decreased, and many negative effects of allergies are reduced. LED’s are known to reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin’s surface due to the stimulation of collagen production.There are 4 models available at E-Z Test Pool Supplies!

The blue LED’s have other beneficial effects. Research done in 2009 by the New York Institute of Technology has shown that blue LED light worked to combat staph infections in patients. In fact their research went so far as to say, “[blue] light energy may be a practical, inexpensive alternative to treatment with pharmacological agents [drugs], particularly in cases involving cutaneous and subcutaneous MiRSA infections.”1 Because blue LED light works to kill germs, it can be used effectively to reduce acne, since acne is often caused indirectly from bacteria.

Green LED light (as well as some of the light range in the blue color) is quite effective in helping people calm emotions and improve and regulate your mood. Use of this therapy has been found helpful in lessening the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) that occur yearly to millions of people as the fall and winter daylight hours shorten. The Clearlight IR saunas that feature these LED’s allow for the user to combine more than one color simultaneously and even cycle through all three so as to give full benefits.

Want a list of what this light therapy can do for you? Well, let’s see…

  • * Reduce pain and inflammation
  • * Improve circulation of the blood
  • * Bring greater range of motion and mobility
  • * Heal wounds and injuries more quickly
  • * Reduce lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet
  • * Create a more even appearance in skin tone
  • * Decrease overall skin redness from conditions such as rosacea
  • * Improve the body’s production of collagen and elastin – crucial for healthy looking skin
  • * Make skin pores and blemishes reduced in size and less visible
  • * Stimulate many metabolic skin cell functions
  • * Non-invasive therapy with no side effects.

Now these are only the benefits of the LED light therapy! There are countless benefits you will enjoy from the use of the sauna alone. Let’s look at some of these!

  • * Increase your metabolic rate and trim the fat
  • * Burn calories
  • * Reduce and improve appearance of cellulite.
  • * Pain relief
  • * Decrease stiffness in joints and muscles
  • * Promote greater flexibility
  • * Greater range of motion
  • * Improve immune system performance
  • * Improve function of cardiovascular system
  • * Lessen effects of insomnia
  • * Relax the body
  • * Promote better blood circulation
  • * Reduce overall fatigue and stress
  • * Increase you overall sense of well being

So with all these benefits in mind, I’m hoping you see this as not so much a luxury as a necessity for maintaining and promoting good health. I’m sure you’ll agree that good health is something that none of us can afford NOT to have. Which brings us lastly how to best enjoy the use of your Clearlight IR sauna.

When using these saunas it is best to turn the unit on 10-15 minutes before use and allow it to warm up fully. Infrared heat saunas are most effective at lower temperatures than a traditional heat source sauna, and work to raise the temperature of the body more than the air. Lower temperature heat produces a more effective sweat containing more toxins and oils and less water content only. After warming up the cabin temperature, it is best to maintain an internal cabin temperature in the 100° to 125° F range. Since Clearlight has positioned heaters in key locations in the cabin, especially behind your back, be sure to sit back closer to the heat source and enjoy the experience. By sitting back on the bench more heat is directed to your core, which will produce a better sweat. And don’t forget to stay well hydrated. Remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after your session in the sauna. Close to 70% of Americans are dehydrated on a regular basis. Not only does proper hydration keep you from becoming faint, dizzy, or light-headed while using the sauna, but it also prevents your body from holding on to water and sweat – obviously, sweating is what you’re expected to do in a sauna!

If these things sound good to you, then don’t hesitate to call or come by our stores to learn about them! We’re sure you’ll find that these saunas do nothing short of changing your health and your life. How can you beat that? In short, you can’t! Keep sweating.