Premium Wood Pellets for Sale

Premium Wood Pellet Pricing

Wood Pellets are now available at all 3 E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc locations.

We just had a tractor trailer delivery today with over 20 tons of pellets and we are selling them at a very competitive price! Only $259 per 1 Ton or $5.50 per bag if you prefer to buy individually. We can deliver $259 skids to your home for a small fee, so you can spend more time enjoying your family and friends.

Wood pellet heat is one of the most cleanest-burning, most renewable energy sources on Earth.


Blackstone Wood Pellets are made from the finest residual wood chips that can be found in Eastern Connecticut. We regularly test our raw material and finished product at the plant and send samples out to be tested at accredited laboratories. Blackstone Wood Pellets produces hardwood pellet fuel that:

  • Contain less than 1% ash
  • Produce more than 8,200 Btu/lb.
  • Have less than 0.05% fines

We understand that pellet quality matters but so does consistency. Blackstone’s main goal is to continually produce the same premium grade pellets, day in and day out.

Premium Wood Pellets

Premium Wood Pellets


Pellet stoves are very efficient — 75 percent to 90 percent overall efficiency — and have a BTU output content four to five times higher than cord wood or wood chips. Pellet stoves also have very low particulate emissions; 50 times less than older, non-EPA certified wood stoves, and two to five times lower than more efficient, EPA-certified woodstoves.

We are open Year Round and will continue to carry seasonal essentials such as BTU Bricks, Firewood, Wood PelletsIce Melt, Shovels, Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals and more – so you can heat up and relax until next Summer!