Wipe Out Pool Cleaner by King Technology

“Wipe Out” by King Technology

A pool cleaning and patio furniture cleaning secret.


Wipe Out is the premier vinyl liner cleaner on the market. This product can be utilized in many ways, but as a scum line remover on vinyl liner swimming pools there is no equal. Wipe Out will in most cases remove the dark black ring or bath tub ring around the swimming pool water.
This ring is caused usually by suntan lotion and body oils. Simply spray it on the liner itself or on a sponge and wipe away the scum line. Although not well known, this product also works extremely well on vinyl strap patio furniture.
It usually restores it to like new condition. Spray the Wipe Out directly onto the chair or lounge chair and simply wipe away the dirt and oil.

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Wipe Out Pool Cleaner & DegreaserWipe Out Pool Cleaner
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