How To Purchase Balancing Chemicals and Save BIG!

How to Save Money on Pool Chemicals

Spring is just a few months away and soon the warm weather will be here. The pool cover will be off and it will be time to clean up the swimming pool. One of the best ways to keep your pool chemical cost down is to buy your chemicals in bulk.  In the Spring, especially in the Northeast, water dilution from rain has caused the alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness to drop to lower levels. At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we carry most balancing chemicals up to 25 pound containers. Why? This helps our customers save money.

Many swimming pool stores offer smaller containers. This may be good for the store’s bottom line but not necessarily the customers bottom line. For example, suppose you are in need of 25 pounds of alkalinity plus in the Spring to raise your water to 100-150 ppm for a vinyl liner pool.  A 25 pound bucket at our store will cost $34.99.  Many stores will carry their largest size to be a 9 pound container.  Therefore, a purchase of  (3) 9 pound containers  at $15.99 each will total $47.97. By purchasing a 25 pound bucket at E-Z Test Pool Supplies, you will save $12.98.

Similarly, a purchase of a 25 pound bucket of chlorine tabs at $3.59 per pound is a better value than purchasing a smaller quantity at $4.59 per pound.

Economically it just makes sense to purchase larger size containers for chemicals. Ask your local pool supply store if there is a possibility to stock in bulk if they have not already done so.

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