How to Use the Safe-T-Zone Pool Winterizing Kit

Safe-T-Zone Winterizing Kit with Phos-X

Safe-T-Zone Pool Winterizing Kit fr Sale

Safe-T-Zone Pool Winterizing Kit

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We are selling a winter closing kit for swimming pools and would like to explain how to use it.

  1. Do not winterize pool until water is all clear of algae, dirt, leaves and pH is properly balanced.
  2. Stop chlorination 24 hours prior to winterizing.
  3. Before continuing, be sure lowering of pool water, draining of lines and winterization of pump, filter, heater and other equipment has been completed.  If you use anti-freeze, add it to your system at this time.
  4. Pour entire contents of Winterizing Algaecide into pool making sure it is distributed evenly.
  5. Squirt entire bottle of Phos-x over the surface of the pool.
  6. Pour the bottle of Stain & Scale Preventative into pool, distributing evenly over pool.
  7. To install the blue floater with the foam collar: Place foam flotation collar under the largest diameter of the plastic cannister. Punch hole #2 and exit hole on opposite side of bottle. Also, punch out any 4 holes on bottom of the cannister. Place this in the pool, smallest diameter down, allowing water to enter.  DO NOT throw in pool.
  8. Cover pool; the use of a good winter pool cover will keep wind blown debris, animals and even children out of the pool.  Covers cut out sunlight, thus minimizing the possibility of algae growth and can prevent stains caused by leaves.


  1. If the winter season is unusually warm (we wish), add additional winterizing algaecide.
  2. The winter chemicals will cause the unfilterable particles to clump together and settle to the bottom of the pool during the winter, leaving clear water.  It is best to vacuum to waste in the spring.

Safe-T-Zone Pool Winterizing Kit Chemicals for Pool Closing